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Yamaha Resonator125 Concept A Retro Bike For Beginners

Yamaha announced a new 125cc concept designed for new riders looking for a blend of the future and the past. Set to debut Oct. 29 at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show, the Resonator125 concept shares similar styling to the SR400 but in an even smaller package. The name “Resonator” suggests a connection to Yamaha’s roots as a musical instrument maker. The chrome fuel tank and tail are contrasted by wood grain panels similar to the texture of acoustic guitars while engravings on the fuel tank cap, exhaust and various other parts were done using a method typically used on brass [...]

Morgan 3 Wheeler Review

Your eyes aren’t fooling you. Yes, this is and, yes, the thing you’re looking at has three wheels, a steering wheel, bucket seats, seat belts and three pedals on the floor. It’s called, simply, the Morgan 3 Wheeler, and because it’s missing a fourth wheel, the Department of Motor Vehicles classifies it as a motorcycle (yes, even in Texas). And so, since we are afterall, it’s our duty to give the 3 Wheeler a whirl. A Brief History Lesson In the early 1900s, Harry Morgan, the company’s namesake, set out to build a fun and affordable motor vehicle in [...]

Three-Wheeler Threeway

Five years ago this month MO reported that Bombardier Recreational Products had filed a patent as far back as 2009 for a control system that’d allow the Can-Am Spyder to lean. Later that same year it came to light that Harley-Davidson had been developing a similar tilting three-wheeler (the Penster) for years before scrapping the project and moving in a more traditional-trike direction with the Tri-Glide and recently introduced Freewheeler. Well, guess what? The leaning reverse trike charge isn’t being led or financed by BRP or H-D and their incredibly deep pockets. At the vanguard of the full-size tilting trike [...]

2016 Can-Am Spyder F3-T First Ride Review

When Can-Am introduced the Spyder F3 last year, the company knew that some potential customers had requested a more cruiser-ish riding position from their three-wheeler, but I’d be willing to bet that they had no idea how many sales the change would drive. After less than one year, the F3 accounts for almost 20% of Spyder sales. Then came the owner surveys that notched the overall satisfaction level at a whopping 93%! I can only guess that the product planners were patting themselves on the back for creating the F3 as a platform and not merely a model in Spyder’s [...]

Yamaha Teases New Three-Wheeled Vehicle

It’s been a busy news day on the Yamaha front as the Tuning Fork company previews some new models for the Tokyo Motor Show. With electric motorcycles, retro beginner bikes, cars, and even autonomous biker robots, what more can Yamaha have in store for Tokyo? How about another leaning three-wheeler? Yamaha released a teaser image showing another leaning multi-wheeled vehicle based on the Tricity platform. Yamaha has made it clear the Tricity was just the first in a new family of leaning trikes. Earlier this year, Yamaha showed off a couple of concepts called the 03GEN-f and 03GEN-x, and patent [...]

Polaris Slingshot Vs. Can-Am Spyder F3-S Vs. Morgan 3 Wheeler

Technically, and by that I mean according to the way in which the vehicles here are registered through the DMV (except Texas, but more on that later), each of these three-wheelers qualifies as a motorcycle. In California, at least, a motorcycle endorsement on your driver’s license to legally operate them is not required, and the two with seatbelts eschew the state’s helmet law. Still, without a more explicit category available and the law being what it is, “motorcycle” becomes the default label for this trio. As a lover of all-things-motorcycle, with a broad motorcycling perspective, you’ll not find me [...]

2015 Polaris Slingshot Review – First Ride/Drive + Video

The not-so-secret 2015 Polaris Slingshot has a steering wheel and bucket seats. So we shouldn’t even be reviewing it, right? I kinda felt that way when given the assignment. In hindsight, though, I’m glad I had the opportunity. The Slingshot’s an absolute blast, and at $19,999 for the base model, it’s gonna give Can-Am’s Spyder ($18,999 for the ST) some stiff competition. Discuss this at our Polaris Slingshot Forum. It’s not just the Slingshot’s price that’ll lure owners, or possible owners, of Spyders away from Can-Am dealerships and into Polaris ones. There’s some crucial performance advantages of the Slingshot, specifically [...]

2017 Vanderhall Venice Review

If you’re of the opinion the Vanderhall Venice is not a motorcycle and shouldn’t be reviewed by a magazine with the URL, don’t read this story and spare us the snide remarks in the comments section. If, on the other hand, you’re open-minded and accepting of the fact the Vanderhall is a reverse trike with bucket seats and a steering wheel, and, by default, a motorcycle as far as the California DMV is concerned, keep reading. Feel free to then leave a comment, snide or otherwise. It’s like voting, if you don’t participate, you have no right to complain. [...]

Whatever! – Armchair Supercross Racing!

Okay, I admit I’m pretty out of touch when it comes to Supercross. I enjoy watching sports that I slightly know how to participate in (even if it was decades ago), but I just haven’t ever been able to relate to that much flying through the air. I love riding dirt bikes when I get the occasional chance, but stadium Supercross has about as much to do with how I ride a dirt bike as a Saturday morning softball game has to do with the World Series; they’re almost not even recognizably similar activities. They’re really even further apart than [...]

Harley-Davidson LiveWire Video

The announcement of Harley-Davidson’s LiveWire electric motorcycle sent shockwaves through the moto industry and even made headline news in the general media. Harley’s products, perhaps more than any other vehicle manufacturer, are steeped in tradition, so building an e-bike just seemed so unlikely for the hidebound company. And yet, there was a row of LiveWires ready to ride in NYC last week, looking sharp and production-ready even if they are actually technology demonstrators and aren’t yet available for sale. The LiveWire is a huge departure from H-D’s traditional market, but the bike’s stance and appearance give it a strong visual [...]