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Motorcycle Reviews / 84 posts found

2017 Ducati Supersport Review

In 2015 I wrote a column about how Sportbikes Are Terrible. In short, I felt (and still do) that production sportbikes have become so focused on the racetrack that riding them on the street anywhere other than a curvy road is borderline torture. Take either of the Ducati Panigale variants, for example. Rolling works of art, on a track they are some of the most fun you can have on two wheels. But would I want to ride one a few hours to the track, do a trackday, then ride home? Not just no, but hell no. Apparently I’m not [...]

2017 Yamaha FZ-09 Review: First Ride

The fact that most of MO’s editors are quite fond of Yamaha’s FZ-09 is fairly common knowledge. Our readers liked the FZ-09 enough to vote it Reader’s Choice Best Value Bike Of 2015. So, why is it that, up until now, the primary emotion I felt after riding the FZ-09 was disappointment? Frankly, I felt it never lived up to its potential. Two of its strongest attributes – the versatile engine and the responsive chassis – were hamstrung by a slight deficiency in Yamaha’s typically good R&D finish. Well, that was then. 2017 Yamaha FZ–09 Preview More For Less: $8K [...]

2017 Triumph Street Triple RS Review: First Ride

The last time Triumph conducted a major revamp of its Street Triple family was 2013. At that press launch Triumph didn’t feel it necessary to include any track time because even the uptown R model remained predominantly a street bike. Four years on and Triumph has reshuffled the Street Triple deck and expanded the portfolio to three models (S, R, RS), each with a specific focus including the new performance leader RS model we just finished testing in Spain. While still largely a street bike, the RS features enough go-fast performance Triumph felt compelled to showcase the bike’s wherewithal around [...]

2017 Grand National Roadster Show Report

As the event’s name implies, this show, first launched in 1949, focuses on four-wheeled vehicles albeit not all technically qualifying as “roadsters” which back in the day meant an open two-seater minus doors and even windshields. Tracing the nomenclature further, “roadster” initially was the label attached to a horse well-equipped for traveling, and later applied to bicycles and tricycles of the late 1800s. Sportiness was the operative word no matter the size of the chassis, so “roadster” could include the full spectrum of cars from an everyman’s Model T to a celebrity’s 16-cylinder Caddy. It’s noteworthy that “roadster” is an [...]

Church Of MO – First Ride: 2003 BMW R1200CL

You know what’s funny? Calvin Kim posits, in his 2003 First Ride review of the BMW R1200CL, that people would end up buying this bike. Nevermind the, uh, ugly aesthetics, the R1200 backbone of BMW’s cruiser would be sure to persuade unorthodox cruiser riders that it was the way forward. Well, as history has taught us, there aren’t as many unorthodox cruiser riders as BMW hoped, and the R1200CL is remembered as a flop. Ugliness aside, read on to find out Kim’s overall positive view of the CL. And if you’re looking for a few more pictures, you can check [...]

Harley-Davidson Announces Milwaukee-Eight-Powered Road King Special

What has dropped 10 pounds, gained larger wheels, honed down its seat height, and wields a kick ass new engine? If you said the Harley-Davidson Road King Special, you’d be right. So, what makes this Road King special? 2017 Harley-Davidson Milwaukee-Eight Engines Tech Brief First there’s the new Milwaukee-Eight engine, an engine designed with two goals in mind: more power and better comfort. To that end, the Milwaukee-Eight grew to 107 cu. in., producing more power while, through clever engineering, maintaining similar fuel efficiency compared to the High Output Twin-Cam 103 engine. Additionally, comfort issues were addressed by reducing vibration [...]

Rizoma Introduces New Products For Yamaha And Honda Naked Bikes

Rizoma has now released a ton of accessories for Yamaha’s FZ-09 and FZ-07, as well as components for Honda’s CB1000R. Don’t own any of those models? Rizoma also has accessories with universal applications. Begin Press Release: YAMAHA FZ-09 AND FZ-07 ACCESSORI Yamaha riders are among the biggest fans of Rizoma products, and as a result Rizoma makes a broad selection of accessories for the Yamaha brand. Among these accessories you’ll find a full line of products, including: Headlight Fairing; Grips; Tapered Handlebars; Handlebar Caps; Proguard System; 3D and RRC Brake/Clutch Levers; Brake/Clutch Fluid Tank Caps; Front Brake Fluid Tank Cap; [...]

2017 Hyosung GD250R Review

What’s up with Hyosung? The Korean bike builder just seems to do things its own way. If there’s a marketing department, it’s a secretive one that’s careful not to divulge sensitive information. When there’s a new model, it sort of just arrives… the new GD250R did make an appearance at last November’s EICMA show, but we must’ve overlooked it? Is this thing from North or South Korea? Is it a threat to national security? And what is GD acronyming anyway? Grand Douring? 2013 Hyosung GT250R Review It’s actually a pretty striking-looking little bike; I’m picking up a whiff of early [...]

Skidmarks: Universal Truth?

Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art. —Ralph Waldo Emerson Here’s a sure way to get six conflicting opinions: put three motorcyclists in a room together and show them a photo of a bike. Some will love it, some will hate it, and then they start tearfully remembering all the bikes they used to have. Why did I ever sell my ’79 CB750K? That was the best bike ever! (No, it wasn’t.) I recently posted a photo of a particularly tasty Triumph TT custom on a local forum of a bike I loved from the moment [...]

2017 Suzuki GSX-R1000R Review – First Ride

Ah, the legendary Phillip Island circuit, the scene of many epic battles among two-wheel gladiators like Gardner, Rainey, Schwantz, Corser, Stoner, Rossi and Iannone, which has long been on my bucket list of racetracks to ride before I die. With significant elevation changes along 2.76 miles of twisting tarmac on the shores of the Indian Ocean and an average GP speed of more than 110 mph, it would be a challenge to learn on any bike, let alone on Suzuki’s most powerful literbike ever. Oh, and don’t forget to dodge the seagulls and geese strolling around trackside, nor the goose [...]