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Motorcyclist Rickey Gadson On TV


Rickey Gadson is the most famous motorcycle dragracer of our generation, earning 11 national championships and remaining highly visible over the past couple of decades. The Philadelphia native is also well known to, as his long association with Kawasaki has brought him to every ZX-14 media launch since the bike’s introduction in 2006. Gadson also rode with us when I chased 200 mph on a Kawi H2R.

Kawasaki H2R 200-mph Review

Gadson can now be seen on TV in a new show on Velocity called Caffeine And Octane, which centers around the motorsports culture in the southeast United States, primarily the huge Caffeine and Octane show held in the Atlanta area, said to be the largest monthly car show in North America. Two episodes have aired so far, and I’ve been entertained by both.

The show is cultivated by Chet Burks Productions, and Gadson joins gearhead TV personality Brian Fuller (Fuller Hot Rods, Fuller Moto) as they investigate incredibly cool vehicles. Most are cars, but with Gadson and Fuller being full-blooded moto enthusiasts, motorcycles also play a role in the show airing Sundays on Velocity.

We’ll tune in again this weekend, and we hope you’ll check it out, too.

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