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UTV Lightning 150 Single Cylinder 4-Stroke – Air/Oil-Cooled – FRONT AND REAR 10″ BIG TIRE – Aluminum Wheel – Ignition C.D.I – Driveline Type 2WD – Fuel Pump Carburetor System

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Certification EPA EEC approved
Engine type 4-stroke,Single-Cylinder, Air/Oil-cooled
Displacement 149.6cc
Horse Power 6.0kw(7500r/min) 8.2HP
Valve Configuration OHV
Compression ratio 9.0:1
Fuel Delivery System Fuel Pump Carburetor
Choke System Automatic
Fuel capacity 9.5L (2.1 Gallon)
Driveline Type 2WD
Final Drive Chain-drive
Transmission CVT
Gear Selection Forward & Reverse Single Speed
Forward Lights Headlights-High & Low Beam
Rear Lights Brake Lights & Left/Right Signal lights
Starting system Electric start  
Ignition system C.D.I

Suspension Front Double A-arm
Suspension Rear Dual Shock Swingarm
Brakes Front Hydraulic Disk 
Brakes Rear Hydraulic Disk
Front Tread 1020 mm ( 40.2 in)
Rear Tread 965 mm ( 38.0in)
Front & Rear tire size 22*7-10/ 22*10-10
Loading information 8 units/20″; 18units/40″; 26units/40HQ
Manufacturers Defect Warranty 6 Months
Top speed 55km/h (34.2MPH)
Dry weight 245kg ( 540 lbs.)
Wheelbase 1650mm (65.0in)
Vehicle dimension (L×W×H) 89.2 x 48.0 x 55.4 in
Packing size 90.2 x 51.2 x 32.1 in
Ground clearance 152mm (6in)
Safety Driver & Passenger Seat belts/ Driver and Passenger safety net restraints.


  • Durable and reliable construction- UTV lasts a lifetime.
  • Powerful 150 cc engine- for off-road run.
  • Great speed- up to 47 mph.


High Performance Off-Road Tires:
High performance off-road tires provides handling and stability during off-roading.

Steering Wheel:
This high performance steering wheel can handle tight corners and swift turns.

Rear Storage Space:
Plenty storage space on the back provides convenience you need when you go long distance riding.

Clear and Direct Instrument Panel:
You can easily and clearly view the instrumental panel making for a more efficient ride.

Bright enough to light your way through those wide open roads. Provides a large area of coverage for nighttime driving.

Brake and Taillight:
Increases visibility for nighttime driving, insuring safety for you and your family.

Dynamic Front Disc Brake:
Powerful and durable front disc brakes deliver enhanced stopping power and safety at any speed.

Side Net Protection:
Side net protection provides you with extra safety and confidence when cornering.

Small Rear Packing Box

Front Disc Brake


Transmission Mechanism

Rear Fender /LED LIGHT

Rear Disc Brake System



Fully Automatic Transmission & Reverse:
Automatic CVT and reversing transmission for maximum mobility in both directions.

High Strength Steel Frame:
Weight distributing design for increased load carrying capacity.

All-Terrain Tires with Beautiful black colored Rims:
Standard size tires for replacement availability at local dealerships.

EPA, DOT & CARB Approved:
This UTV is EPA, DOT, CARB approved, can be registered as an off road vehicle in  all 50 States including California.

4-Wheel Hydraulic Disc Brakes:
Strong, reliable, and fade resistant.