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New Model MINI CRUZZER 50 Single Cylinder 4 Stroke – Air Cooled – Fully Automatic – Front Drum Brake / Rear Disc Brake – Japanese Bearing, Taiwan Kenda Tire, Dot Approved

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Engine Type  Single Cylinder, 4-strokes
Cooling Air Cooled
Drive System BELT/CHAIN
Piston Displacement 49.5cc
Bore and Stroke 1.51 inches x 1.63 inches
Compression Ratio 10.5:1
Maximum Power 1.4/5500kw/r/min
Maximum Torque 2.0/4500N.m./rpm
Starter Electric / Kick
Transmission Automatic
Length 76.3 inches
Width 39.5 inches
Height 42.3 inches
Seat Height 29.7 inches
Wheelbase 57.5 inches
Ground Clearance 3.15 inches

Front Brake Disc
Rear Brake Disc
Front Tire 110 x 70-12
Rear Tire 205 x 50-10
Ignition CDI
Front Rim 2.5 x 12
Rear Rim 10 x 8
Engine Oil Capacity 0.75 quart
Maximum Speed 30mph, depending on road condition, rider weight etc.
Net Weight 243 lbs
Frame Steel
Packing Size 71.7 in  x 34.3 in x 43.7 in
Towing Capacity 66 lbs
Fuel Capacity 2.2 gal
Rear Suspension Dual Shock


CVT Automatic Transmission:
The Ice Bear 50cc Mini Cruzzer Motor Trike also comes installed with a CVT automatic transmission which is operated by the simple to use ‘twist & go’ throttle acceleration. With this trike, the driver will have no worries about using a clutch or gear shifting to change speeds, because it is completely automatic and completely stress free.

Up to 100 MPG:
This Ice Bear motor trike can get up to 100 miles to the gallon. This kind of gas mileage makes the trike very fuel efficient and economical. This vehicle is the perfect alternative to cars and motorcycles to save on gas and keep extra money in your pocket!

Deferential Driving Device:
A vehicle’s wheels rotate at different speeds, especially when turning corners. The differential is designed to drive a pair of wheels with equal force, while allowing them to rotate at different speeds.

Emergency Shut Off Switch:
The 50cc HARRIER Motor Trike comes with shut off switch in case of any emergency. With one press of the button it automatically cuts the engine so you can stop easily.

Air Cooled:
The cooling system on this model is designed to an incredibly high standard. It keeps the engine temperatures level while offering the perfect amount of power for a more reliable engine and quality scooter.

High Strength Steel

Chain Drive:
Durable and low maintenance than the belt driven system.

Electric Start with Backup Kick Start:
This motor trike has two starting methods that allow this vehicle to be very efficient. The electric start starting system makes simple starting even easier for anyone. The kick start can also be used at any time. The two starting systems are very convenient in the event that one cannot be used, and it is always a great alternative to have two options rather than just one.

Front Carrier & Extras Large Matching Rear Trunk:
The 50cc Ice Bear Mini Cruzzer Motor Trike comes free with a detachable front carrier and a XL rear storage trunk. These features are great for any trip you take if you need that extra room to carry supplies.

EPA and DOT Approved Street Legal:
This motor trike is EPA and DOT Approved and is registerable as a street legal vehicle in all 50 states including California. CARB approval is NOT required for vehicles under 50cc.

Large Underseat Storage Compartment:
There is a large storage compartment located underneath the seat. Use this extra space to put all your items that don’t fit in the rear trunk.

4-Stroke Engine:
This gas motor trike is equipped with a 50cc 4-stroke engine that has an over 40 MPH speed capability. This engine runs very quiet and smooth.

Dual Disc Brakes:
The Ice Bear 50cc Mini Cruzzer Motor Trike for sale comes with hydraulic disc brake on the front and the rear!

Rear Dual A-Arm and Front Dual Shocks:
Compares to those standard gas scooters, this 50cc Motor Trike offers a safe and fun 3-wheel drive for the family.


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