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New Fuerza Motorcycle 125 w/4 Speeds Manual – Air Cooled – 4 Stroke – Front/Rear Disc Brakes – Front/Rear 12″ Aluminum Wheels

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Engine Type Single Cylinder, 4-strokes
Cooling Air Cooled
Drive System CHAIN
Piston Displacement 123cc
Bore and Stroke 2.06 inches
Compression Ratio 9.0:1
Maximum Power 6.3/7500kw/r/min
Maximum Torque 8.8/5500N.m./rpm
Starter Electric / Kick
Transmission 4 Gears
Length 73.2 inches
Width 27.9 inches
Height 41.3 inches
Seat Height 28.3 inches
Wheelbase 52.3 inches
Ground Clearance 5.9 inches

Front Brake Disc
Rear Brake Disc
Front Tire 120/70-12
Rear Tire 130/70-12
Ignition CDI
Maximum Speed 49.7 mi/h
Gross Weight 242.5 lbs
Weight Capacity  *
Battery 12V/7Ah
Frame Steel
Fuel Capacity  *


Right Handle Grip Control:
Conventionally located near your hand grip to control the speedometer light, kill switch, and electric start button.

Emergency Shut Off Switch:
This Moped comes with shut off switch in case of any emergency. With one press of the button it automatically cuts the engine so you can stop easily.

Additional Safety Feature:
Retractable Motorcycle Kick Stand which is a safety engine kill switch is connected to the circuit so when your scooter is in parked position, you won’t accidentally start the motor unless you are ready to roll.

Though this is a gas powered scooter, it is not the same as a car, a car has an alternator that charges the battery as the car is running, these mopeds have a stator which maintains the charge that the battery currently has. If the moped sits for days and the battery is still connected during that time, it tends to drain as long as the terminals are both connected to the battery. The batteries are manufactured by a third party factory. We warrant the battery under the Family Motorsports Manufacturer Warranty, upon activation by the consumer, for a period of 7 days against defect only. Before installing the battery, you must read the manual that comes with the battery carefully for proper charging times for maximum battery life. Never try to start the scooter before the battery is fully charged. If the instructions are not followed, the battery will be damaged, and not eligible for warranty replacement.

High Strength Steel Frame

Body Panels:
Duel Stage Paint Treatment.

Dual Disc Brakes; Inverted Forks.

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Part Diagram